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    Sleep Difficulties Workshop - Outcomes

    On behalf of Lyuba Kisel 

    I would like to update you on the outcomes of the Sleeping Difficulties workshops held on Friday 8th February.

    The workshop was delivered by Helen Cattermole and Helen Tracey, sleep practitioners and parents of children with special needs.

    They provided an overview on what happens to us when we don't get enough sleep as well as guidelines on how much sleep we should be getting, depending on age. Topics covered included sleep cycles, how Melatonin works to get us to sleep and how this can be impacted by pre-bedtime activities and blue light from gadgets, what sleep cues are, common sleep difficulties, sleep strategies and model bedtime routines.

    We had some very positive feedback from parents. For example Mrs Wheeler, mother of a Post 16 ASD student, commented that she found the workshop very useful. She can see more clearly now what steps she needs to take to help improve her son's sleep routine. She also said, that the session was very well presented and informative.

    The parent session was followed by a student participation workshop, during which children from secondary and post 16 engaged in structured activities to help them understand the importance of sleep. They learnt about topics such as what food helps you to sleep better, gadgets in the home, as well as how to develop a good sleep routine.  A student from secondary, said that he has learnt some good strategies which he is going to do himself, for example, not use gadgets like mobile phones and not watch TV or use the computer just prior to going to bed.

    Post 16 students also did an excellent job helping out during the event. They greeted parents and signed them in, prepared and served tea and coffee, and welcomed younger students to the workshop. They were praised by both the Sleep Therapists for delivering an outstanding job!

    Over all it was a very positive event, with 10 families and 12 students attending the workshops.

    We have developed a very positive relationship with practitioners from the ‘Parenting Special Children’ charity and are grateful for their input and help.  So far this academic year, they have led 6 Sleeping Difficulties workshops for us.


    Please see attached pictures from the events.