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    Post 16

    Post 16 is Broad and Balanced provision with an inclusive emphasis on independence. The high quality of teaching and learning prepares young adults for life within society.

    The department aims to provide young adults with a wide range of multifunctional skills in preparation for the next step along their personal journey.

    Pupils are taught through a variety of imaginative learning styles. Engaging in kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning activities.  Pupils have the opportunity to engage in a three year programme, alternatively they can opt for different pathways at any point. The post 16 philosophy is very much pupil focused with an emphasis on the benefits of vocational studies.   

    The classes and teachers in Post 16 are:

    The main emphasis on the Post 16 provision is preparation for transition. During their time in the department, pupils experience a range of vocational and life skills based courses. Outstanding practitioners, providing young adults with opportunities for learning and growth.  Independence and vocational skills are encouraged and developed as much as possible. Key to the learning journey is the Adult core curriculum, enabling pupils to apply literacy and numeracy to everyday life situations.

    It is considered important that pupils gain a range of life skills and independence skills in real life contexts. For this reason, a strong emphasis is placed on pupils accessing and gaining work experience at venues within the local community.

    The Classes are organised according to ability and social peer group.

    • Each class group has a teacher, who is responsible for the pastoral welfare and academic progress of the pupils, and a group of specialist teaching assistant
    • All the groups  are arranged so that each class works on courses and accreditation appropriate for each individual
    • Each class has a form tutor who is the initial point of contact if you have any questions or want to pass on any information.

    The Curriculum

    The curriculum covers these Foundation areas

    • Life skills
    • Employability ( including work experience)
    • Art/Creativity
    • Citizenship/Community ( including College link course)
    • Physical development

    The Core skills covers

    English and Maths

    Option Range : 

    • Sports
    • Board games
    • Music
    • Spanish
    • TAC PAC
    • IT
    Pupils study in ability groups with their class teacher and Specialist Teaching assistants. Each group has a designated class room where lessons happen. Some of the curriculum is delivered off site (Swimming, work experience, shopping, exploring libraries etc).  Café Vibe is enterprise run by the pupils. This is achieved through an innovative catering company run by pupils with that benefit from the vocational approach to the work life learning experience.

    Phase Leader : Robert Stephenson

    Deputy Phase Leader : Sidonie Garcia

    Post 16 Line Manager : Jane Cross