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    Our philosophy in the Secondary Department is to work together to enable each pupil to fulfil their potential, by personalising learning according to each individual’s learning needs and styles. The pupil is the focus and we as a Department are determined to exceed each student’s potential. We aim to build upon pupils’ skills, strengths and attributes gained through the Secondary approach to prepare our pupils for their transition, either to the Post 16 Department or to settings beyond Arbour Vale School. Our aim is to ensure pupils are encouraged to be independent as possible; emphasised by the importance of communication.

    The classes and teachers in Key Stage 3 are:


    The classes and teachers in Key Stage 4 are:


    The Secondary Department Curriculum focuses upon the development of core skills as well as maximising pupils’ access to the National Curriculum and promotion of life/ independence skills. In Key Stage 3, pupils follow a thematic approach to learning, delivered through core and foundation subjects which are based on the National Curriculum, with suitably adapted changes and additional and individualised learning programmes. Key Stage 4 pupils begin a vocational approach to learning whereby the curriculum is based on accredited courses; enabling pupils to gain accreditation through AQA and OCR Entry Level Certificates, GCSE short or full courses and for some through ASDAN Transition Challenge/Personal Progress. Our Year 11 students go out on two separate weeks of work experience in our local community in a range of shops, offices and other businesses in the Slough area.  

    There are 10 two-form entry class groups within Years 7-11 which are grouped according to age group and ability where possible. In addition, there are 4 classes are within our Secondary ASD provision. Pupils are taught through a variety of creative learning styles which engage in kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning activities as well as a range of sensory experiences.   

    • Each class group has a Class Teacher who is responsible for the pastoral welfare and academic progress of the pupils across core subjects, as well as a group of specialist teaching assistants.
    • Our class names are based on Trees!
    • Key Stage 3 Class groups-Maple, Willow, Fir, Cedar, Apple Tree, Pine, Beech, Palm
    • Key Stage 4 Class groups-Mahogany, Silver Birch, Cherry, Oak, Ash and Sycamore.

    In, Key Stage 3, the thematic approach to learning is delivered in the following core and foundation subjects of:

    • English
    • Maths
    • Science
    • Social Communication
    • Computing
    • Art
    • R.E
    • Design Technology
    • Music
    • Cooking
    • PE
    • Humanities

    In Key Stage 4, the accredited approach to learning is delivered through AQA and OCR Entry Level Certificates and ASDAN Transition Challenge and Personal Progress across the following subjects:

    • Maths
    • English
    • Computing
    • PSHE
    • Science

    In addition to GCSE Art and a range of PE accredited courses, our afternoon KS4 Options programme is based on the delivery of AQA Unit Award certificates across a wide range of options whereby our students are encouraged to choose their option as independently as possible:

    • Sport & Leisure
    • Yoga & Meditation
    • Sensory Art, Music and Play.
    • Spanish
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Model Making
    • Film Making

    Phase Leader : Sarah Brooks

    KS3 Line Manager: Claire Shottesbrooke

    KS4 Line Manager: Eleanor Brady